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What Are We Doing?

If you’re a parent, you worry, right? If you know parents or are a child of parents (this should cover everyone) you know parents worry. […]
Nov 19, 2014 /

Who's With Me?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what people need. After food and shelter, what else do we crave? Happiness? Whoa, I think we’re all adults here and […]
Nov 6, 2014 /

What Can I Do?

I’m embarrassed. Seriously. I consider myself fairly well educated, conscientious and as moral as my human weaknesses allow, but I’m shamed by my total ignorance […]
Oct 1, 2014 /

What's "Right" Anyway?

I’m confused—again. I’m having a hard time telling right from wrong. I don’t mean for myself, I’m pretty well set up when it comes to […]
Sep 18, 2014 /

What, No Thanks?

I don’t want to die, but there are worse things. What could be worse than the long dirt nap? Well, dying with a lot of […]
Sep 3, 2014 /

What's Your Hurry

I’m easily distracted. It’s especially bad in summer when everything from monster donuts to dancing fish delights me so much I forget every responsibility and […]
Aug 12, 2014 /

A Hole In My Heart

“He’s such a jerk!” my sister said and my other sister readily agreed. “Yeah, such a jerk!” Sitting cross-legged on the floor in my Toronto Maples Leafs […]
Jun 3, 2014 /

Love Yourself

I just found out high self-esteem is not good. It’s often bad. Other people, it seems, have known this for a while because a 2002 article […]
May 13, 2014 /
Win One For Your Dad …Please

Win One For Your Dad …Please

Parents ruin kids’ sports. We can’t help ourselves. We’re somehow compelled to get all adult on them, installing our values, our aspirations, hopes, fears, insecurities […]
May 8, 2014 /
Dare Mighty Things

Dare Mighty Things

I need inspiration. Not for ideas, I have lots of those—some good, many bad—but I need inspiration to keep going with my writing. It’s a […]
May 8, 2014 /
What Would Atticus Do?

What Would Atticus Do?

You could do worse than using Atticus Finch as your moral compass. Pure of heart and mind, the infallible dad in Harper Lee’s To Kill a […]
May 8, 2014 /
The Big Two-Sided Writer

The Big Two-Sided Writer

I’m not comfortable in my own skin. There is a part of me I like and another I wish would catch the next bus to […]
May 8, 2014 /
My Son’s Tooth & Johnny Manziel

My Son’s Tooth & Johnny Manziel

[MELBOURNE BEACH, FLORIDA] On a warm, sunny evening last February my daughter came tearing into the house screaming, “Dad, it’s Finley, it’s really bad, come […]
May 8, 2014 /


It seems late to be learning anything new. I’m too old. I thought by the time I was this age, I’d have everything figured out, […]
Apr 29, 2014 /

Are You Home Yet?

I’ve been thinking about aliens lately. Not the kind with bulbous bald heads and buggy eyes, but people removed from their home country and placed […]
Apr 25, 2014 /