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why so angry

Why So Angry?

“I want to punch you in the face.” Match this quote with the person who said it: A) My 10-year-old daughter. B) A female supporter at a Trump […]
May 4, 2016 /
What Makes You Cry

What Makes You Cry?

I’m a real waterworks. It doesn’t take much for me to well up and this condition only seems to deepen the older I get. Maybe […]
Apr 20, 2016 /
Sleep Much

Sleep Much?

One time I fell asleep at a jazz club. When my friend was singing. I was front row beside a speaker and I could not keep […]
Apr 7, 2016 /

If I told you I wanted to sell the family home and many of our possessions, put the rest into storage, buy an Airstream trailer […]
Apr 3, 2016 /

My Life Sucks

I’m not doing too well right now. Things are bad. I'm worried the boat I bought is too small. I was reminded of this line last […]
Mar 11, 2016 /

How to Move to Canada

My new Canadian passport arrived today and as I turned it over in my hands I had mixed feelings. The navy cover is stiff and […]
Mar 4, 2016 /

Here Comes The Boom

I’ve got a new passion that is about the coolest thing ever. I have become a hand grenadist. It’s pretty new and I’m on the […]
Mar 3, 2016 /
Do You Believe In Signs

Do You Believe In Signs?

Have you ever been sure of anything? The only time in my life I can recall really being sure of a decision, to the point […]
Oct 23, 2015 /
Why Me?

Why Me?

I have issues with popcorn. I can’t eat it one puffy kernel at a time, but am somehow compelled to cram it in my mouth […]
Oct 21, 2015 /
Sleep well?

Sleep Well?

It seems that my sleep patterns are directly correlated with my hairline. When I had more hair, the better I slept.... Now that I have little […]
Jun 23, 2015 /

Shucky Rides Again

Last week I visited my parents in Canada. I was there to help after my father had hip replacement surgery. I opened a closet and […]
May 21, 2015 /

Are You Predictable

I was never getting another dog. Why bother? I once had the world’s best, irreplaceable black Lab named Cooper. Not only was Cooper gentle and […]
Apr 23, 2015 /

Fries or Salad?

It's frustrating. I usually know the best course of action, but fail to choose it. I know when the server asks “Fries or salad?” I […]
Mar 19, 2015 /

What Do I Owe You?

Why should I care about you? What is it my responsibility to your safety, your basic requirements of food, water and shelter? Is it my […]
Feb 25, 2015 /

How Was Your Year?

I always like those end-of-year reviews you see in newspapers around now, so I’m doing my own. FOOD: Eating is important and I enjoy it. Most places […]
Dec 18, 2014 /